Items will generally reach you within 5-30 days of dispatch but some can take up to 60 days depending on where you live.

Processing takes 1-10 working days, with the majority of orders taking no more than a couple of days to put together.

We ship from Asia so please keep this in mind when ordering.

We've selected different manufacturers specialising in certain areas, so any orders of 2+ items may be shipped separately. You'll be kept in the loop, though.


General Shipping Guidelines:

To America: 12-25 days

To UK: 7-40 days

To Ireland: 17-40 days 

To Canada: 15-30 days

To Mexico: 20-59 days

To Chile: 15-31 days

To South America (general): 14-59 days

To Australia: Mostly 12-20 days, with some exceptions of 12-59 days

To New Zealand: 14-25 days

To France: 14-17 days

To Spain: 14-18 days

To Portugal: 21-38 days

To Turkey: 15-40 days

To Germany: 10-40 days

To Italy: 10-49 days

To Russia: 14-23 days

To Ukraine: 14-23 days

To Croatia: 16-28 days

To Greece: 22-38 days

To Hungary: 19-31 days

To UAE: 10-38 days

To Europe (general): 14-20 days

To South Africa: 30-60 days

To Singapore: 17-34 days

To South Korea: 12-31 days

To Japan: 12-31 days

To Thailand: 12-22 days

To Asia (general): 12-40 days.