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Beauty Trends Taking Over 2017

Beauty Trends Taking Over 2017

Pastel-coloured hair? Boring! Thick eyebrows? Lame! Hi, have you met 2017? This is the year of the quirky AF beauty trend. If you've even glimpsed at social media, you'll have seen wavy eyebrows taking over our feeds but what other weird and wonderful trends have hit us up this year? 


1. Lollipop Lips

We get as drunk and messy as much as the next, so we're actually feeling these lollipop lips to use as an excuse for the next round of hideous Facebook photos that pop up after a wild night out. Your everyday look? Nah. A date look? Naaaaaah. But weirdly cute? Yaaaas! Or is it just us?

Instagram account credits L-R: @maccosmetics, @charlottebennettmakeup, @wonderzine_mag, @maccosmetics



This mythical creature is now a very real trend taking over everything from clothing to accessories to homewares to beauty. Overdone? Probably. Still aesthetically pleasing? Definitely.

Instagram account credits L-R: @rhishape_nails_beauty, @joanne__lopes, @sharpglitter, @thenailcakery


3. Feathered Eyebrows

As soon as wavy eyebrows became a Twitter trending topic, influencers were scrambling for the next best thing. Plait eyebrows got featured everywhere but we want to give honorable mention to the feathered eyebrow. This looks as irritating as it does intricately cute.

Instagram account credits L-R: @kelseemarie@stella.s.makeup@kelseemarie@briiwright_


 4. Glitter EVERYTHING

Been to a festival this year? Or, indeed, HAD EYES this year? Then when you had finished figuring out why slime was a trend (or are we old?), you will have noticed that everybody was covering everything in glitter this festival season. NGL, this is our fave because we will always be boho children who want to sparkle in the sunshine.


 Instagram account credits L-R: @shelleygregoryhair@pensanddoodles@shelby_jade_carol@unicornfestivalglitter


What did you love or hate? What did you secretly try? Tell us!