The Holiday Edit

The Holiday Edit

the holiday edit

All aboard the holiday train! It's time to take weeks away from work, get ready to leave all exams in the past and spend every conceivable minute under a ray of sunshine with a drink in your hand. Destination? Sorted. What to wear? Leave that up to us. 

the airport lounge

Comfort is key but we're still up for looking cute AF - delays happen and they give us plenty of time for some airport selfies. Whatever you wear, you don't want to be sweating the second you step off the plane at your destination and you definitely don't want to look creased enough to give away the secret that you slept the second the seatbelt signs went off. 

Work with a statement tee that makes an impression with minimal effort and rejoice that the cycle shorts trend means you can look like a babe and feel like you're in PJs! Trainers are always a winner or opt for sliders to add a splash of low effort cuteness. 

Alia Checkerboard Shorts


Mona Oval Narrow Shades


Don't Pick Me Tee


Pool days

If you haven't reserved your lounger by 5:30am and end up sticking within spitting distance to the pool bar until sundown, you're not doing beach vacays right! A cute AF swimsuit will be your new holiday uniform and getting the right one can make you feel 100% fierce. Two piece or one? Take both! 

Raila Bikini


Candy Splice Swimsuit


Hands on Bikini


Out out

Lazy days under a parasol call for action-packed nights filled with antics that will make hilarious stories for years to come. By now, your golden glow is making outfits pop and the rules you have at home don't apply here. Pack a colourful punch and don't discount any nineties plaid prints which are here to stay. 

Red Faux Leather Corset


PVC Mid Calf Boots


Daisy Sparkle Choker


souvenir shopping

Nothing says "week away vibes" like some local sand in a bottle to give your second cousin but, let's be honest - souvenir shopping is the most fun when you're shopping for yourself. Take casj up a notch by swapping leggings for a cute summer day dress or set and leave the flip flops in the room and the heels for the evening, you've got some ground to cover.

Power Gladiator Platforms


Dionne Plaid Set


Nighter Choker