Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You don't need Valentine's Day,
To get something new.

Treat yo'self, girl; don't wait for the big V-Day to stock up on roses. Here's some of our favourite rose-related goodies available to buy right now.

  • We suggest being extra 24/7 so when you make yourself up like the god damn sassy beauty queen you are, you might as well use brushes that are like something out of a fairytale. Check out our Bloom Brushes here.

  • Are you holding onto the choker trend with a vicious grip? Us two! You can put a whole bunch of flowers around your neck with our Jardin Choker.

  • How about getting a little bralette happy with our Natalia design? It's cute AF.

  • There's nothing like an empowering t-shirt to show off a little sassiness. We support More Self Love!

  • We've got your covered for when those summer nights start the get a little chilly. Sweatshirt on, hood up, roses on display. Have a cheeky look at our Dana Hoody here.


  •  Don't for one second think your mobile is going to get away with being roseless this summer. Nay! The mobile is an extension of our SOULS. So dress it up with our Rose Case.