Outfits With a Cause

On a scale of Barack Obama running through a field of daisies to Apocalypse Now, the world's political situation seems to be sticking at around a solid, destructive eight.

While Earth's children may have the tantilising friendship between Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau to positively tweet about on the reg, we still need to get all the negatives off our chests.


Not everyone is unashamedly vocal about what they believe but who says you can't say it with clothes?

Say it with a t-shirt. Get preachy with the Revolt Tee:

Not for you? Get ready to shut down unwanted opinions with the Thanks But No Thanks Tee.

You may be socially aware but that doesn't mean you won't feel the cold. Challenge societal ideas of how women should dress with the Dress Code Sweatshirt.

Not into it? Wear your grumpiness on your sleeves with the Never Ever Sweater.

Right, now we all know shoes play an important role in a *LEWK*. Strive for peace in every aspect and let your footwear do the talking with the Peace Sandals.

Want a stronger message? Let people know you'll thump your way through life to get your voice heard with the Stomp Shoes.

We all know accessories maketh the outfit, so let's move to bags. Can we have a day without mansplaining? As if! Absolutely not. Headache pills are a must so have the Prescription Bag on standby.

Alternatively, the Telephone Bag will allow for a fake phone call to get you the fuck out of a sticky debate situation should you need to.

Now, get ready to block out the haters with the Teen Spirit Shades.

Or are you feeling a little more positive? Go for some rose tinted specs instead with the Candy Shades.

Now you're kitted out, go forth and make yourself heard.

...In all seriousness, continue to vote and continue to be heard. Join a political party, write to your MP/Senator, keep educating yourself and don't take any shit.