2017's Hottest Must-Have: Coloured Sunglasses

Celebrities wearing coloured sunglasses - Selena Gomez, Dej Loaf, Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Keri Hilson


Coloured lens sunglasses are everything in 2017.


Now we know that, what colours should we wear for certain situations? Own Saviour sets out the guidelines below.


1. Red Shades
red sunglasses from Own Saviour with free delivery

Red is associated with danger, passion, ambition and love. Naturally then, these sunglasses are to be worn during those times when you avenge the death of a loved one against a rival clan. 

Pair with: killer heels, a vodka cocktail and resting bitch face.


  1. Peekaboo Shades
  2. Passenger Shades
  3. Candy Shades
  4. Summer Shades


2.  Blue Shades

Blue lens sunglasses - Own Saviour - free delivery

Blue is the colour of the sea and sky and represents cleanliness, trust, stability and loyalty. We must emphasis that these are a crucial accessory during shopping expeditions with your BFF. She will know you're being totally honest when you reassure her as she's breaking down in a high street fitting room.

Pair with: a reassuring smile, warm temperatures and an emergency packet of Maltesers.


  1. Flash Shades
  2. Teen Spirit Shades
  3. Riot Shades
  4. Fairground Shades


3. Yellow Shades

Yellow lens sunglasses - Own Saviour - free delivery

We all know yellow is the colour of the sun so no surprises to hear that it represents happiness, hope, optimism and intellect. Wearing yellow lens sunglasses is the perfect accompaniment to exams, job interviews and first dates. Dream big, aim high and do not take them off.

Pair with: an almost narcissistic amount of self-belief, a black choker and a high five.


  1. Peekaboo Shades
  2. Sol Shades
  3. Fairground Shades
  4. Candy Shades


4. Gradient Shades

Gradient lens sunglasses - Own Saviour - free delivery

For those too indecisive or dynamic to settle for just one colour, we introduce the gradient selections. Previously legally restricted to just Coachella, these now have the jurisdiction to be worn worldwide during any burst of sunshine.

Pair with: Flower crowns, glitter body make up and chickpea-based snacks.


  1. Swerve Shades
  2. Passenger Shades
  3. Drama Shades
  4. Gradient Shades


Now you're ready to go forth and attack the summer in style.

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