Our Fave Things of 2017

Our Fave Things of 2017

Sit down and take a breath because this year has been a doozy. Let's take a minute to look back as we run down Own Saviour's fave things of 2017.


Fave Film:

La La Land gave us Ryan Gosling singing, a five-minute fascination with jazz and the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiideously funny Oscars mix-up. Yaaaas.


Most Entertaining Scandal:

Shout out to Zoella and her advent calandar but the absolute trainwreck of an event that was Fyre Festival and its fallout takes the spot. Nothin' like refreshing Twitter to lol at picture after picture of the worst festival experience of the year.


Own Saviour's Best Selling Item:

Outselling the next most popular item by almost 2:1, the Pink Slim Camo Pants are clearly a total must-have. I mean, how cute do they look? We love our buyer snaps shared on Insta.

Credit: @mindlesslolita




Fave Song - Dua Lipa's New Rules 

Dua Lipa finally giving us the advice we could have all done with listening to, once or twice. Perfect song to holler along to while drunk at 3am INSTEAD of dialling the ex.


Fave Trend: Camo

We genuinely never thought we'd embrace loose, nineties-style camo pants and camo print as much as we have but we need it all and we need it now.


Fave Own Saviour Stuff:

Coming in a draw, we are here for the Firecracker Mesh Dress and Lennon Shades. Nothing like turning up the heat to block out the haters.


Person of the Year: All #METOO allies

One of the most important movements of the year, giving a voice to anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault. We are here for this. Be heard and make the guilty held accountable.


We're ready for you, 2018.